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Do you or your company have an online service or product you wish to promote to webmasters around the world? Well the hardest part is finding the correct way of doing this, at Cut and Paste Scripts we can help you achieve your highest.

Over the last few years we have gained a large following of webmasters around the world, actively using our service on there site. One thing Cut and Paste Scripts will never do is show our adverts on our members scripts and pages, unlike most other services.

However we are happy to sell advertising on our main site, this helps to support our service. We have the following spaces for sale:

  • Text adverts in our newsletter we send every month to all members
  • "Button adverts" at the bottom of our site, which are 88 pixels by 31 pixels
  • "Half adverts" on the right hand side of our site which are 128 by 60 pixels

    We provide full banner statistics for any advertising. We can even arrange a banner design service if you need one. Advertising rates are worked out on a one to one basis, so get in touch and tell us what you want, and we will see what we can!

    So if your target audenice are webmasters, and if are interested in advertising at Cut and Paste Scripts then complete the form below and someone will contact you shortly. Or email

    Your name
    Your email address

    What kind of advertising are in your interested in? Also any questions you have.

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